Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Folksy Summer School 2013

Last weekend I attended the Folksy Summer School, it was held at the Discovery Centre in Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield, a lovely setting and the weather was with us.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the second day but thoroughly enjoyed the first day.  As well as a great goodie bag we had talks from makers and experts, demonstrations, good food and “nice people” (a Mini Moderns joke)!   

Luckily I took a big notebook as there was a lot of information to take in.  It certainly gave me lots to think about but three things really stood out.

Tell a Story:
  • Not just what you do but why do you do it
  • Tell people about the journey your projects take, the good and the bad
  • Tell people about yourself 

  • It’s more than a logo
  • Use contact opportunities to reinforce your brand, goes back to telling a story
  • Reinforce your brand with existing customers

Identify What You Enjoy:
  • Look at all elements of the making journey
  • Look at expanding into other aspects such at teaching or demonstrations
  • But don’t forget you still need to do the boring stuff!

So as part of my forward plan I will:

  • Review my online profiles, more "why” not just “what”.  
  • Look at the information I send out with my items, make it more personal.  
  • Start a “To Do List” making sure the boring/urgent items get done as well as the nice/non urgents!  

And finally this blog, the summer school made me realise that I enjoy writing as well as making so I will be putting aside time to improve it, post regularly, tell the story........

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